Thursday, October 28, 2010

Internet search service Intelius settles class-action, faces more for deceptive business activities

Intelius (commonly misspelled Intellius), a popular internet search site, has been hit with multiple lawsuits over its business practices and has settled at least one such class action lawsuit alleging that it improperly signed up customers of its search service for additional searches for fixed and recurring monthly fees without those customers' knowledge.  According to one lawsuit, the unexpected charges were a result of a relationship between Intelius and another entity, Adaptive Marketing, which together "foist unwanted services (and the related monthly charges) on unsuspecting consumers without full or adequate disclosure."

Last month, the Washington State Attorney General announced a settlement with Intelius for $1.3 million regarding the company's alleged engagement in "post-transactional marketing tactics" in which customers are signed up for unwanted services they do not want or know about. “Post-transaction marketing plunges you into an online labyrinth where the only way out is to click and click and click. One wrong turn and you’re enrolled in a membership program that costs you $20 or more each month. And you’ll never know until you scrutinize your credit card bill,” according to Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna. According to the lawsuits, even that is difficult, as the services can be given names that do not immediately raise red flags.

Our firm is investigating this company's business practices in Georgia and elsewhere.  If you have been charged unexpected fees by Intelius or other internet services, please contact John Hadden at 404-890-7200.

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