Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ford recalls trucks with defective airbags

Ford Motor Company has recalled nearly 1.2 million trucks suspected of containing defective airbags, according to the Associated Press.  The problem reportedly stems from airbags that improperly deploy, which can cause injuries or loss of vehicle control.  And according to the Los Angeles Times, the defect has led to at least 269 incidents, with over 1/3 of those resulting in injuries. 

Earlier this year, Ford recalled about 144,000 light trucks, but after investigation by federal authorities raised additional concerns, it substantially expanded the recall.

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  1. My husband drove a company truck a ford f-150. On June 22, 2010 he was in a head on collision in which his airbag did not deploy correctly or completely leading to multiple blunt force injuries, leading to his death on impact. I dont know which way to go, but I want to pursue a lawsuit against Ford and workers comp, due to the accident might have left him with injuries that were not fatal, and workers comp denying me because he wasnt "on a special mission". Let me know what I can do?

  2. We would need more information to determine whether you or your husband's estate have a potential workers' compensation or personal injury/wrongful death claim. Please feel free to contact us directly at the telephone number listed above and we will be happy to discuss your case. Of course, unless and until we enter into a written fee agreement for representation, we cannot provide you with any legal advice. I would strongly advise you to contact a lawyer, whether it is us or someone else, as soon as possible since the passage of time can weaken a case, if there is one, and there are also statutes of limitation that provide a time limitation for any claims and which vary from state to state.